This painting is called Uknown_File. As a youngster I felt immense pressure when asked my plans and career aspirations. Kids without a 20 year fixed plan were doomed. This scared me. Choosing something I might hate and being stuck. I was impulsive and experimental. Made lots of wonderful, wisdom giving mistakes <3 Over time I’ve learnt to confidently open those Unknown_Files and trust myself, even when I am afraid and resistant. When you’re asked ‘what’s next’, remember ‘Unknown’ = limitless possibilities. Don’t shame yourself if you don’t know, that just reduces you when it is your time is to expand. Funny thing is my parents never worried about me galloping around a 15 acre field on a horse, riding bareback with just a halter. Far more dangerous than anything I’ve done in my adult life <3 I love how cats fly into dark spaces, cupboards, closets, rooms with such a thrill for adventure. #SelfTaughtArtist #WomenInArt #OutsiderArt #FemaleArtist #FemalePainter #IntuitiveArt #ChanneledArt #cats #CatLove #Cats #CrazyCatLadies #OtherWorldlyArt #MysticalArt #MagicalArt #Highlander #Tartan

Approx 90.0x90.0 canvas. 

© 2019 Jane Hepburn @ Hepburn Art