Hi, I am Jane

I was born and raised in the English countryside. As soon as I could I took off for other places. I spent most of my adult life living in America, predominantly in Los Angeles. I arrived there via fashion, love and adventure. I spent many years working as a video director and videographer with some incredible beings such as Diane von Furstenberg, Eva Longoria, Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson, P!nk, Geena Davis, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Paula Abdul, Suzanne Somers, & others.


My love of beauty and movement led me to photography. On returning to the UK I begun to explore presenting my photography in different ways. I started to learn fine art framing at a local framers. Surrounded by fine art I became inspired and began to paint my own frames, mounts and then paintings.… I discovered I loved to paint. I discovered a creative freedom I didn't know existed. Having worked as a professional creative for decades I was used to 'limits', sales objectives, client deliverables etc. With my paintings I am free to express whatever runs throughs me.

I am an authentic self taught, innovative and intuitive Artist. My paintings come from my imagination, my life, my heart.

I love animals, nature, beauty, movement, love, female empowerment. I am blessed to have grown up with horses, dogs, cats and many other furry and feathered friends. Now they come to life with my brushes.


From my original paintings I create fine art giclées printed on acid free archival paper and canvas’. I take each print and hand paint it to connect back to the original. I often add elements and I also do some gold leaf gilding on certain ones. Each print becomes completely unique. Most of the paintings can be printed close to the original size. I also make smaller versions when feasible. All print sizes include borders which I paint too. For framing I recommend float mounting on acid free foam core. I often paint the board it's floated on the same colour as the border. For my own collections I paint the frames to connect to the paintings. 

Thank you for visiting, Loving thoughts, Jane

Self Portrait taken in the Scottish Highlands

© 2019 Jane Hepburn @ Hepburn Art